You are at the stage in your life where you can see that you need more for yourself. You are getting a persistent prod, which sometimes feels like a push, urging you to find an alternative route, focus on change, do something significant to transition from your present position (which you’ve outgrown) to one that serves your needs and wants better.

You have clarity about your aspirations and how you want to achieve them, but feel challenged by the sheer rigor of transforming yourself in a climate of subtle resistance.

You want to move beyond a shadowy intension to change into a fully fleshed out reality. Yet you are held back and impeded by:

• Only 24 hours in a day when you feel that you need at least 30
• Conflicting and competing demands on your time from your family/ your colleagues/ your boss/ your partner/ your ex/ your friends/ your children etc….
• A wagging finger, accompanied by a persistent ticking voice in your head that asks ‘..Can I do this? Do I deserve this? If I do, whom will it affect? What will be the fall-out? What consequences will I have to face if I don’t succeed? What if, ..what if …?
• Are you subject to beliefs and behaviour patterns that keep you anchored to past choices that no-longer serve you?
• Have your previous roadmap for change been high-jacked by others, or stalled by a lack of appropriate support?

If the answer to any of the above is “YES”, if you are determined to make the future different and better than the past then NOW is the TIME FOR ACTION!



What Can Personal Development Coaching do for You?

Having a PDC is a means of unlocking your potential. It is a way to invest in yourself by enlisting the skills of another.

We know from the natural world that Excellence thrives in the right conditions. Having a coach is a way of being resourced and conditioned to meet goals and excel.

A PDC is a non-judgemental advocate who supports and encourages you to reach further than your grasp, and become your best. Your coach helps you to realise and utilise skills that you have, while challenging your self-limiting beliefs, and facilitate your Action Plans for change.

Coaching gives you dedicated time and space to reflect on where you are now. It promotes a calm assessment of what is working and what isn’t, while sustaining changes you can make to enrich your appreciation of yourself and your life, as you work toward and achieve your goals.

A PDC provides opportunities for you to explore and sharpen your cognitive acuity and emotional intelligence, improving the quality of your key relationships in your personal and professional life.

Being Coached is about commitment to self. It is about entering into a relationship of trust and accountability. A PDC records the pledges you make to yourself and holds you accountable and obliged to fulfil them.

A PDC provides a structure and framework of support toward your desired state.

At the end of a short programme of coaching most clients find that they are:

• more positive
• more resourceful
• more resilient & self-supportive
• more focused on what is right for them and the people who depend on them
• more able to perform at their best

Think of all the things you have achieved so far, on your own. Now consider how much more, and how much sooner you could have achieved them with the support of a Personal Development Coach.

“If we don’t change we don’t grow. If we don’t grow we aren’t really living”

Gail Sheehy

Are you willing to do the work necessary to ‘grasp- the-nettle’ of change and develop?


How urgent is your need for change? Are you prepared to make the investment in yourself to bring about that change?


Can you imagine new possibilities for yourself?


What are you prepared to do to go beyond your ‘comfort-zone’ so that you can realise your goals?