Gear-up, Accelerate and Advance through  Group Coaching

Can you remember your earliest learning and motivational experiences? It’s more than likely that you developed and achieved as a member of a set or group.  Then, you advanced through the guidance of the facilitator (the group-leader or teacher) and your peers (the group members).

Group coaching is similar in that its key function is to create and promote individual progress through the mechanism of a group dynamic. It departs from the traditional ‘school’ environment in that it is elective and self-selective  – the clients create & identify with the objectives, the other participants and the coach.

Many people choose Group Coaching because it is a way of sharing a journey of exploration toward a set of goals, where they can develop bonds and leverage the contribution and support of others who have similar experiences and aspirations.

Group coaching enables participants by giving them strategies of 1:1 coaching  (such as re-framing, association and dissociation) that they can use immediately to develop new strategies, unravel limitations, and create lasting progress.

Similar to one-to-one coaching, each session ends with an enabling target that works towards the ultimate goal(s).

Other benefits include:

The skills of a specialist facilitator to enable the needs of the group
Improvement of communication skills
Quickening of reflection & general thought processes
Inspires creative thinking to problem-solve
Involves peer learning – clients learn from the insights of others
Promotion of self-advocacy
Deepening of trust and collaboration among peers
Promotion of accountability and commitment (people are likely to carry out their actions if they commit to them in front of others)
Sharing experiences and different perspectives promotes compassion and empathy
Acceleration of individual responsibility for learning and personal development
More cost-effective than 1:1 coaching
It is a safe entry-point to the experience of coaching

Straight Ahead Coaching Ltd is available to design and deliver Coaching Workshops and Group-coaching programmes to small to medium-sized groups (up to 12) within organisations/associations.

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn ~ Alvin Toffler.